Our Services for Companies and directors

Private Limited Companies

Our Core Services

  • Review of your existing articles of association
  • Drafting of new company articles of association
  • Advice on updating from Table A to the new model articles
  • Legal position of the articles of association
  • Advice on amending the articles of association and minority shareholders rights.
  • The legal principles of amendment of the articles
  • Case law & Pre-emption rights
  • Enforcement of the articles
  • Bespoke drafting of precedents

Joint Venture (MBO) & Family Investment Company

Chairman’s casting vote | Liquidation | Permitted transfers by investors | Mandatory transfers in respect of leavers | Good leavers – Bad Leavers – Very bad leavers | Drag along provisions | Pre-emption rights | Variation of class rights | Situational conflicts of interest | Voting rights | Weighted voting rights | Authority to allot shares | Share transfers | Compulsory transfers and deadlock provisions | Share transfer (Cross option agreemetnts) |

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