Specialist advice on the articles of association for companies, charities and the not for profit sector.

We provide full precedents or bespoke provisions for:

Companies limited by shares | by guarantee | Charities (GD1) | Right to Manage | Employee Ownership | Community interest Companies |

Special rates or Pro bono for Charity

Amending existing articles or submitting to the Charity commission and Companies house


If you’re a registered charity, community interest group or small sports club, we may be able to help and advise you Pro bono or with a substantial reduced rate. Prepare a summary of the type of articles of associations you would like to review, the company or charity structure and details of any specific issues you would like to address

Solicitors, accountants and fellow professionals

We regularly work with fellow professionals and welcome enquiries.

Would you like to discuss a project?

Call 0121 725 1721


Recent Projects

Chairman’s casting vote | Liquidation | Permitted transfers by investors | Mandatory transfers in respect of leavers | Good leavers – Bad Leavers – Very bad leavers | Drag along provisions | Pre-emption rights | Variation of class rights | Situational conflicts of interest | Voting rights | Weighted voting rights | Authority to allot shares | Share transfers | Compulsory transfers and deadlock provisions | Share transfer (Cross option agreemetnts) |

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